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Classy Casa  |  Strokes of Gold

When Penny Fagerheim moved into her new home, she was looking to replace the busy details of the kitchen with a fresh, functional look.

“The kitchen originally in the home was very detailed and fussy,” says Fagerheim. “We just wanted to simplify the whole thing to a more classic, functional space.”

When it was time to begin renovations, Fagerheim, an interior designer herself, knew exactly what she was and who she wanted to work with.

“They were confident in our ability to deliver a high-quality project,” says Kevin Mullen, President at Empire Group of Companies.

Empire Kitchen & Bath had previously worked on a project with Fagerheim and she knew they’d be the right fit.

“I’m impressed with the work that they do here,” Fagerheim says.

The traditional home is situated high on a ridge overlooking Elbow Park and downtown in the Mount Royal suburb of Calgary.

The renovations involved updating the kitchen, dining area and the powder room and took four months to complete.

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“The goal was to create a space the [sic] blended seamlessly with the home inside and out,” says Mark Cayen, designer and consultant with Empire Kitchen & Bath.

The key details of the new space are in the transitional cabinet doors with appliances built right in, making the space more functional and attractive.

The star of the show is a custom-designed gold hood above the stove that is complemented by small golden accents across the kitchen.

“The home has a very distinct traditional details, and the kitchen needs to have the right blend of elegance and simplicity to flow with the rest of the home,” says Cayen.

The gold hood needed to be the focal point of the space without overwhelming the other key elements like the ceiling detail, the large windows and stunning hardwood floors that played an integral role in the overall feel of the space, he adds.

The addition of brand new appliances enabled the kitchen to become highly functional without over-crowding the space. These include a Sub Zero Beverage Center that facilitates under the counter refrigeration and an Asko Dishwasher.

The appliances blend away within the cabinets so they don’t foreshadow them, Cayen says.

“A kitchen really is all about the appliances – that’s of course a priority,” says Fagerheim. While the light fixtures and wall colour in the dining room were updated to match the kitchen, the powder room wasn’t left behind either.

To go with the feel of the house and to make it more spacious, a free standing vanity and custom paint were added to revamp the space. Both the kitchen and powder room faucets also have a gold matte finish. “It just kind of blends into one large space,” says Cayen.

The addition of the new lights are one of Fagerheim’s favourite features. “They’re like jewellery to a space,” she says.

Opening the kitchen up has made it easier to host Christmas dinners and casual family meals alike. “We have a house with a lot of family,” says Fagerheim. “Its changes the whole feel of the house, just by changing the kitchen.” Guests have also loved the subtle updates. “It’s not a really in your face kitchen,” says Fagerheim. “That’s the beauty of it.”